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local business domain control

Your domain name is critically important, legally and from a marketing perspective.

Have you ever verified whether you’re the owner of your own website address?

Only your company’s trade name and logo can be argued as more important.

We work with a wide variety of small and local businesses. Typically, when the domain name was initially registered it was handled by someone other than the business owner. You assume it’s in your business’ name. You paid for it. You pay for the renewals.

Maybe now is a good time to check:

click this link and take a look.

Enter your website address into the “Enter a Domain” box and click “Lookup”. This will take you to a page showing Contact Information. If your business isn’t listed as the “Registrant”, whoever is shown is recognized as owning the domain name. I can’t count how many times this exercise results in a unhappy surprise. The Admin and Technical Contacts can make changes to your website, but the Registrant has ultimate control.

If the Registrant is the firm who originally registered your web address, most will update the record into your ownership at your request. This is assuming there are no disputes and the firm is still in business. This is the best scenario.

There is a process to challenge the ownership of the domain. We have helped numerous companies facing this, and while time-consuming it must be done and the sooner the better. You will have to produce proof that your company has legal right to the domain, as well as personal identification. Contact us if you want us to review your situation, and possibly assist in correcting the registration.

Your domain name is as important as your phone number. If ownership of the business is transferred, the domain name is considered an important corporate asset. It’s similar to not having title to property you’re selling. Make sure you’re in control.

photo credit: Super Caleb via (license)