Business Blog for SEO

So when we talk about blogging for your business let’s be clear that this is NOT a foodie blog or a Mommy blog. We know there is a whole society out there of bloggers that blog, blog and blog some more. They blog about what they eat, what they wear, what they think about each minutia of politics, religion, relationships, video games and their fitness diaries.  We have all Googled some complex question like “how to get gas out of lawnmower’s oil tank,” “most efficient swim stroke for triathlon” or  “will Cleveland have a rough winter 2016?” and been directed to a blog of an average person writing a blog about exactly your topic.  There’s typically tips, comments and pop-up ads covering the page.  Again, that’s NOT what we’re talking about.  Although there are anywhere from 31 – 106 million bloggers in the US, typically generating revenue by attracting website visits and selling ad space (for fun read “Finally, we know how many bloggers live in their parents’ basement” in the Washington Post) blogging for your business is done for customer acquisition NOT ad revenue.


Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Most small business owners we talk to – especially contractors, service providers and local retailers, have a hard time thinking that anyone would be interested enough in their industry to justify blogging.  We get it. But trust us – strategically blogging is one of the best things you can do in your internet marketing strategy to generate website traffic and web leads.  Why? Here are the top 4 reasons:

  1. Each blog post is a new page on your website. Search engines like websites with more pages and return them higher in search results.
  2. With every post you’re adding fresh content to your site. Search engines love fresh content and return sites with fresh content higher in search results.
  3. Blog posts make great landing pages for email marketing campaigns and social media posts (think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+). Search engines love social media links to your site and return sites with ample social media links higher in search results.
  4. Every blog post represents more opportunity to add links to your website’s products and services pages in order to build relevance with search engines.

In short, blogging strategically for your business is for search engines to drive more traffic and more relevant traffic to your website in order to generate new business.

Business Blog Strategy

When you decide on either an Enhanced Program or a Premium Program we incorporate a business blog into your online marketing strategy and content calendar.  You don’t need to worry about coming up with the ideas or creating the content.  We’ve got it covered!  After substantial competitor research and getting to know your business, we schedule out your quarterly blog posts, if you choose an Enhanced Program, and your monthly blog posts, when you choose a Premium Program.

To put things in an annual context, just with the blog alone, each year we are adding AT MINIMUM twelve new pages to your website accounting for another thirty +/- links to your website.