Is Social Media Right For Your Business?

There are many Cleveland area businesses that shine on social media. They use it and use it well.  However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we caution against engaging with any social media services provider who claims to have a grasp on how to grow your business with social media before they know about your business in great depth.

When we discuss a social media strategy for your business we’ll start with the WHY?  What are your objectives?  Are you planning on boosting sales from social media, driving web traffic, helping with recruiting efforts, increasing awareness, data mining for prospects, reinforcing your credibility as an expert, or one of the many other potential outcomes of mastering social media?  How much time do you want to invest?  And what resources do we have in order to build an audience?

Social media is NOT a quick and easy get-rich scheme.  Being realistic about your expectations, outsourcing some of the monotony and owning the aspects of your social media reach that you have time for can combine for an effective use of the tools that match your business needs.  Depending on which program you select, your online marketing services will include:

  1. Developing a Social Media Strategy customized to your target markets and business objectives
  2. Set-up and/or management of social media accounts
  3. Building an authentic audience for your social media channels