Google AdWords / Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Did you know that when you perform most web searches the results that Google, Bing and Yahoo! return are based on multiple separate sets of algorithms?  Depending on the search phrase the search engine is returning local results, typically shown as pins on a map with a list of businesses in the area, paid results, shown with the word “Ad” in fine print at the top in right side bars, as well as organic search results.  So how can you get your business to be returned on the first page?  

Getting your business to be found in the local search results is part of our Directory Management service, while having your business found in organic search results is part of our Website Optimization (SEO) service – both are included in all levels of our Online Marketing Management packages. Your results will depend on the competition in your particular industry and the efforts of your online marketing approach.

An additional service we offer, Google AdWords, or Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click), is included in our PREMIUM level of Online Marketing Management.  At this level we are setting up and managing multiple campaigns in your Google AdWords account.  

AdWords Campaign(s) Set-Up

Together we determine what products/services make the most sense for you to target using paid search results.  We then perform in-depth keyword research to place bids for relevant phrases.  These efforts are divided into campaigns for which we create the ad copy, landing page, and web form.  

AdWords Management

You will determine the budget for each PPC campaign, paid to Google, and we manage your AdWords efforts.  We monitor each campaign regularly to ensure it’s driving relevant traffic to the website and increasing conversions.  Each month we include an analysis of what was spent on PPC, what search phrases are converting and recommendations for adding and removing certain keywords from your bidding process.  Google AdWords is not a fit for every business and whether or not we would recommend using PPC efforts to build your business would depend on how competitive your industry is and what you can allocate to a PPC budget.  With our management services we ensure that if you have chosen to include Google AdWords, or any PPC marketing, into your online marketing strategy, it’s consistent with other online marketing efforts and effectively bidding on relevant keywords with ad copy and landing pages that will optimize your PPC conversion rates.