Generate More Business With Online Marketing Campaigns

To most small businesses the idea of a marketing campaign sounds a little excessive. When we typically think of campaigns we think of politicians and the millions they spend on canvasing an area with print material, yard signs, radio spots and TV commercials.  What would a small business like a contractor, professional services provider or restaurant have to say that would justify an entire campaign?!? Well in the marketing world the use of the word “campaign” describes a series of activities working together to accomplish an objective.  It’s likely you already have activities that are designed to accomplish some type of objective (i.e. get more business) and you’re just not creating a campaign around them.  Think about the 10% off deal you offered in some print media (Gold Clipper, ValPak, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, etc.) or the buy one get one free offer you put in a radio spot, or the $10,000 remodeling sweepstakes you’ve been collecting names for at local events – those can all be more effective when they’re strategically turned into online marketing campaigns.

Avenues for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

When you select a Premium Online Marketing Program we add quarterly marketing campaigns to the online marketing strategy from the beginning.  We work with you to determine which times of the year you need a boost in business and proactively schedule campaigns to drive more web traffic, more internet leads and more phone calls. The tools we’ll be using include:

  • Content Creation – adding content to your website describing your offer, service or whatever the campaign is promoting
  • Special Web Form – creating a landing page to generate and track the web leads each campaign generates
  • Blogs – generating a blog post to drive interest in the campaign
  • Email Marketing – sending an email to your database to let your contacts know about the offer, special, promotion, or focused service area
  • Social Media Posts – creating and monitoring the social media channels as it relates to the campaign posts
  • Google AdWords Management – setting up a Google AdWords campaign to generate paid clicks and conversions

In addition, if your audience is better reached with Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or other online marketing paid results, we manage those campaigns for you as part of your Premium Online Marketing Program.

So take inventory of all the marketing dollars you have spent on individual efforts that are disjointed, unconnected and not tracked (include any trade shows, event marketing, print ads, radio ads, TV ads, Google AdWords, YouTube videos, Groupons, email marketing, PR, etc…) and we can ensure the new approach will get more results with a comprehensive, holistic online marketing strategy to drive your business objectives.