Email Marketing for Small Businesses

For many small businesses including contractors, professional service providers and retailers, your current customers can be the greatest source of repeat business and referrals.  In addition, there can be a longer sales cycle where the time from inquiry to purchase (think home addition, legal services and cosmetic surgery) can take months.  For both reasons being effective at staying in front of your audience on a regular basis becomes critical for obtaining new customers and creating an on-going stream of revenue from a loyal customer base.  So how do you stay in front of your target audience without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on billboards, print ads, TV commercials and radio spots? Email marketing!

With our PREMIUM ONLINE MARKETING MANAGEMENT services we set-up and manage an effective email marketing strategy to keep your business on the mind of customers and prospects each month.  We use an effective platform that has higher delivery rates, implement a strategy to encourage above average open rates and carefully create compelling messages to create click-throughs to your website and conversions.  We also coach you on how to build and maintain a clean database for optimum email marketing efforts.

You may be thinking, “I paint houses. What is there to email about each month?”  We get it. But with our help you will have an impressive content marketing calendar that includes four targeted online marketing campaigns as well as monthly blog posts to turn the mundane everyday business to interesting and powerful content that showcases your subject matter expertise and keeps you in front of your customer base as the ultimate professional in your field.

But don’t take our word for it. We show you the results of all email marketing activity each month.  These reports include:

Open Rates: who opened your email, by name and email address

Click-Through Rates: who clicked through specific links contained in the email

Email Marketing Web Traffic: individuals visiting your website, from email marketing, by name and email address

Email Campaign Conversions: the number of monthly leads, or web form conversions, coming through your website from email marketing efforts