Web Marketing, Digital Marketing & Online Marketing Strategy

What’s an orchestra without a conductor? It’s not a riddle but a metaphor. An orchestra without a conductor is like having a business online without an online marketing strategy.  If your business has a website, or is in the process of launching one, you should have a plan. Many small businesses find themselves with a website that fails to generate business, social media activity that lacks focus as well as other activities – link building, reviews, webinars, email marketing, blogs, etc. that do not support a unified result. It’s similar to having multiple instruments playing different songs – not exactly coming together for a masterpiece.

A strategy is a plan. Online marketing is using tools, platforms and activity on the internet to drive desirable results.  These could include clicks, traffic, impressions, likes, shares, downloads, subscribes, purchases,  lead development, etc. When you put it all together your online marketing strategy is your plan on what tools, platforms and internet activity you will incorporate in order to generate the results you want from your online presence.

When you engage with us, even at our most basic Online Marketing Management levels, we first start out with a strategy.  What are your objectives?  What would you like your online presence to do? It could be building awareness around a cause, getting people to attend an event, attracting new customers, establishing credibility for your brand, helping to recruit talented team members, selling a product, or a number of other end results.  We first identify that objective, implement methods of tracking and reporting on the success, and then determine how to get your targeted audience to perform on that objective – getting all the instruments playing the same tune.

The level of Online Marketing Management you choose will dictate which of these online marketing tools to incorporate and with what frequency (for more information view our Online Marketing Management packages)